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Could wearing a Fitbit help manage schizophrenia? Gadget warns doctors of changes in sleep patterns that hint at relapse

Credit: Fitbit

Daily Mail quotes Dr Nicholas Meyer.

Schizophrenia sufferers are often unable to recognise when changes in behaviour are about to trigger severe relapses.

And such relapses can be brought on simply by a lack of good-quality sleep.

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SleepSight has partnered up with Fitbit


SleepSight is a study that aims to detect relapse in Schizophrenia patients using a Fitbit.

The NIHR Maudsley Biomedical Research Centre Bioinformatics Core has developed a real-time monitoring system in conjunction with CBITS at Northwestern University to track sleep in Schizophrenia patients with the goal of understanding the involvement of sleep in patient relapse events. Patients in the study are given a Fitbit Charge HR and a smartphone to monitor sleep and daily activity. This data is complemented with a daily app-based questionnaire which helps to assess the participants’ perceived symptoms. All data are then uploaded to our servers in real-time for evaluation.

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