The CogStack team is proud to receive the Public Sector Award of Elastic Excellence 2021 which recognizes a Public Sector organization that is leading the way in innovative, sustainable, and critical use cases.

The CogStack team at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and PHIDL Precision Health Informatics Data Lab has won an Elastic Excellence Award – the Public Sector award in the Elastic Excellence Awards and was praised for ‘leading the way in innovative, sustainable, and critical use cases’. CogStack was developed to help healthcare teams make sense of the huge volume of data generated every day across our services, and allows clinical language AI to be used in real-world scenarios.

Here is the statement made by Elastic in awarding the Public Sector entry to CogStack:

“King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust provides healthcare and emergency services in South East London, and is renowned for its leading-edge undergraduate medical school and research. This winning entry for the Public Sector Award is for their project, Cogstack AI. This natural language processing tool powered by Elasticsearch helps doctors search through patient data across a huge hospital record to surface critical clinical information to doctors to improve patient outcomes. Cogstack AI breaks a tradition with data in healthcare, which often becomes siloed into many distributed, specialized databases.”

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.

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