Research Support (2009 – present)

(Default ordered by latest start date).

Research GrantProject TitleStart DateDurationValueGrant Holders
GEIdentify blood based biomarkers for PET Amyloid change in MCITBC12 months £130,000 Richard Dobson (PI), Abdul Hye
KHP Challenge FundPreventing relapse using remote monitoring of sleep disturbance in schizophrenia2015-02-0112 months £100,000 James MacCabe (PI), Richard Dobson, Nick Meyer, Amos Folarin, Philip McGuire
EU H2020 Big data and Open Data Innovation and take-upKhresmoi Multilingual Medical Text Analysis, Search and Machine Translation Connected
in a Thriving Data-Value Chain (KConnect)
2015-01-0130 months £300,000 Richard Dobson (Joint PI), Rob Stewart
IMI2Platform development for IMI2 RADAR-CNS201560 months €1,200,000 Richard Dobson (PI), Amos Folarin
Lilly Research Awards Programme (LRAP)An integrated systems view of Alzheimer’s disease in patients harboring rare risk variants in TREM22014-10-0124 months £265,000 R Dobson (PI), S Newhouse, A Hodges, S Kiddle
Medical Research Council: Grant Ref: MC_PC_14089UK Infrastructure for Large-scale Clinical Genomics Research2014-10-0118 months £251,000 Amos Folarin, Stephen Newhouse, Richard Dobson
MNDADevelopment of a high throughput gene, environment and epigenetics database and analysis system for international ALS research2014-10-0124 months £195,000 Richard Dobson (Joint PI), Ammar al Chalabi
KBI StudentshipIntegrated approaches to risk prediction in first-episode psychosis2014-10-0136 months £75,000 Richard Dobson (PI), Robin Muray, Stephen Newhouse
MRCImmuno-psychiatry: a consortium to test the opportunity for immunotherapeutics in psychiatry2014-05-0124 months £174,000 Pariante, C. (PI), Cattaneo, A., Dobson, R., Newhouse, S., Stewart, R., Zunszain, P.
MRC FellowshipEarly identification of Alzheimer’s Disease: dynamic biomarkers for enrichment of clinical trials2014-04-013 years £253,519 Kiddle, S. (PI), Dobson, R., Mill, J.
MRC Research ProjectGene regulatory variation in the developing human brain and its role in neuropsychiatric disorders2014-03-0336 months £497,359 Nick Bray (PI), Richard Dobson, Cathryn Lewis, Leo Schalkwyk
BRC EMCT ThemeGenome-wide expression change over the course of exposure-based psychological therapy2014-01-013 months £24,000 Prof Thalia Eley (PI), Dr Richard Dobson, Dr Gerome Breen, Dr Chloe Wong, Dr Kathryn Lester
Guys & SLaM Charity Capital Award2014 £1,200,000 Richard Dobson (PI)
BRC EPI/Nucleus awardInvestigating Adverse Effects of Psychiatric Drugs through Data-Mining of Electronic Health Records and Integration of Clinical and Genomic Data2013-Q312 months £50,000 Richard Dobson (PI), Rob Stewart, Caroline Johnston
EC – European CommissionDESIRE – Development and Epilepsy – Strategies for Innovative Research to improve diagnosis, prevention and treatment in children with difficult to treat Epilepsy2013-10-0160 months £244,517 D Pal (PI), R Dobson
Janssen Pharmaceuticals PhD StudentshipIdentification of novel biomarkers for disease progression in Alzheimer’s disease201348 months £131,000 Richard Dobson (joint PI), Simon Lovestone.
BBSRC Case Studentship with Illumina IncSystems-biology based approaches for the identification of genes controlling complex phenotypic traits201348 months £90,000 Richard Dobson (PI), Cathryn Lewis
Alzheimer’s Society PhD StudentshipCreating an early diagnostic blood test for Alzheimer’s201336 months £80,000 Richard Dobson (PI), Steven Kiddle
Kings Health PartnersEPI-INFO: Developing an epilepsy patient database at King’s Health Partners for audit, service commissioning & development, and research2012-Q312 months £50,000 ark Richardson (PI), Richard Dobson, Deb Pal, Matthew Broadbent
Alzheimer’s Society FellowshipUnderstanding how genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic variation is associated with metabolic changes in Alzheimer’s Disease2012-09-0136 months £200,000 Petra Proitsi (PI), Richard Dobson, John Powell
EU Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI)European Medical Information Framework (EMIF)2012-072012-2017 £1,200,000 Andy Simmons, Simon Lovestone (PI), Richard Dobson, Angela Hodges
MRC Strategic Grant: Population and Systems Medicine BoardPersistent Fatigue Induced by Interferon-alpha: A New Immunological Model for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome2012-03-0136 months £3,700,000 Carmine M. Pariante (PI), Trudie Chalder, Richard Dobson, Matthew Hotopf, Anthony Cleare, Valeria Mondelli
Joint Clinical and Translational Science Initiative (CTSI) at the University of California San Francisco & NIHR BRC-MHNIHR Biomedical Research Centre Infrastructure Award for USCF-KHP Data sharing programme2012-02-1312 months £120,000 Richard Dobson (Joint PI), Andy Simmons (Joint PI), Simon Lovestone
NIHR – National Institute For Health ResearchBiomedical Research Centre for Mental Health – EPI Cluster – Bioinformatics and Statistics201260 months £1,456,812 Richard Dobson (PI)
NIHR BRU-D Capital AwardFor High Performance Computing expansion201260 months £900,000
MRC Neurosciences and Mental HealthLow coverage sequencing for the detection and analysis of genomic structural variants in schizophrenia2011-10-0136 months £1,000,000 John Powell (PI), Richard Dobson, Elvira Bramon, Robin Murray
Rosetrees TrustA blood test for Alzheimer’s disease (Computational approaches to identify Alzheimer’s disease progression biomarkers and evaluate their performance)2011-01-0124 months £49,500 Angela Hodges, Simon Lovestone (PI), Richard Dobson
Alzheimer’s Research Trust (ART) major award reference PG-10-003Combinatorial biomarkers for dementia prodromes, prediction, pathology and progression2010-09-0160 months £775,000 Prof Simon Lovestone (PI), Dr Malcolm Ward, Dr Andrew Weston, Prof Richard Brown, Dr Richard Dobson, Dr Angela Hodges, Prof Graham Lord, Dr Andy Simmons
Joint NIHR Biomedical Research Centre Strategic Project AwardGenetic Causes of Neurodevelopmental Delay in Children: Translation and interpretation of novel pathogenic copy number variants and novel rare exonic mutations into clinical genetic practice2010-01-0112 months £75,000 Dr Sarah Curran (PI), Richard Dobson, Deb Pal, Patrick Bolton, Paul Gringras, Caroline Ogilvie, David Collier, Simon Holden