RESEARCH SUPPORT 2009 – Present (Ordered by value).

  • [1] MRC Strategic Grant: Population and Systems Medicine Board
    “Persistent Fatigue Induced by Interferon-alpha: A New Immunological Model for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”.
    Start date: 1/3/12, Duration: 36 months, Value: £3.7m
    Grant holders: Carmine M. Pariante (PI), Trudie Chalder, Richard Dobson, Matthew Hotopf, Anthony Cleare, Valeria Mondelli
  • [2] Biomedical Research Centre for Mental Health – EPI Cluster – Bioinformatics and Statistics
    NIHR – National Institute For Health Research
    Start date: 2012 – 2017, Duration: 60 months, Value: £1,456,812
    Grant Holders: Richard Dobson (PI)
  • [3] Guys & SLaM Charity Capital Award
    Start date: 2014, Value £1.2m
    Grant Holder: Richard Dobson (PI)
  • [4] EU Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI)
    “European Medical Information Framework (EMIF)”
    Start Date 7/12, Duration: 2012-2017, Value: £1.2m
    Grant Holders: Andy Simmons, Simon Lovestone (PI), Richard Dobson, Angela Hodges
  • [5] Platform development for IMI2 RADAR-CNS, IMI2
    Start date: 2015, Duration: 60 months, Value: €1.2m
    Grant Holders: Richard Dobson (PI), Amos Folarin
  • [6] NIHR BRU-D Capital Award
    Start date: 2012-2017, Duration: 60 months, Value: £900k for High Performance Computing expansion)
  • [7] MRC Neurosciences and Mental Health
    “Low coverage sequencing for the detection and analysis of genomic structural variants in schizophrenia”.
    Start date: 1/10/11, Duration: 36 months, Value: £1m
    Grant holders: John Powell (PI), Richard Dobson, Elvira Bramon, Robin Murray
  • [8] Alzheimer’s Research Trust (ART) major award reference PG-10-003
    “Combinatorial biomarkers for dementia prodromes, prediction, pathology and progression”
    Start date: 1/9/2010, Duration: 60 months, Value: £775k
    Grant Holders: Prof Simon Lovestone (PI), Dr Malcolm Ward, Dr Andrew Weston, Prof Richard Brown, Dr Richard Dobson, Dr Angela Hodges, Prof Graham Lord, Dr Andy Simmons
  • [9] MRC Research Project
    “Gene regulatory variation in the developing human brain and its role in neuropsychiatric disorders”
    Grant Holders: Nick Bray (PI), Richard Dobson, Cathryn Lewis, Leo Schalkwyk.
    Start Date 3/03/14, Duration: 36 months, Value: £497,359
  • [10] EU H2020 Big data and Open Data Innovation and take-up
    “Khresmoi Multilingual Medical Text Analysis, Search and Machine Translation Connected
    in a Thriving Data-Value Chain (KConnect)”
    Grant Holders: Richard Dobson (Joint PI), Rob Stewart
    Start Date 1/01/15, Duration: 30 months, Value: £300k
  • [11] Lilly Research Awards Programme (LRAP)
    “An integrated systems view of Alzheimer’s disease in patients harboring rare risk variants in TREM2”
    Start Date: 1/10/14, Duration: 24 months: Value: £265k
    R Dobson (PI), S Newhouse, A Hodges, S Kiddle
  • [12] MRC Fellowship
    “Early identification of Alzheimer’s Disease: dynamic biomarkers for enrichment of clinical trials”
    Start date: 1/04/14, Duration: 3 years 31/03/17, Value: £253,519
    Kiddle, S. (PI), Dobson, R., Mill, J.
  • [13] Medical Research Council: Grant Ref: MC_PC_14089
    “UK Infrastructure for Large-scale Clinical Genomics Research”
    Start Date: 1/10/14, Duration: 18 months, Value: £251k
    Grant Holders: Amos Folarin, Stephen Newhouse, Richard Dobson
  • [14] EC – European Commission
    “DESIRE – Development and Epilepsy – Strategies for Innovative Research to improve diagnosis, prevention and treatment in children with difficult to treat Epilepsy”
    Start date: 1/10/13, Duration: 60 months Value: £244,517
    Grant Holders: D Pal (PI), R Dobson
  • [15] Alzheimer’s Society Fellowship
    “Understanding how genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic variation is associated with metabolic changes in Alzheimer’s Disease”
    Start date: 1/9/12, Duration: 36 months, Value: £200k
    Grant holders: Petra Proitsi (PI), Richard Dobson, John Powell
  • [16] MNDA
    “Development of a high throughput gene, environment and epigenetics database and analysis system for international ALS research”
    Start date: 1/10/14, Duration: 24 months, Value: £195k
    Grant Holders: Richard Dobson (Joint PI), Ammar al Chalabi
  • [17] MRC
    “Immuno-psychiatry: a consortium to test the opportunity for immunotherapeutics in psychiatry”
    Start date: 1/05/14, Duration: 24 months, Value £174k
    Pariante, C. (PI), Cattaneo, A., Dobson, R., Newhouse, S., Stewart, R., Zunszain, P.
  • [18] Janssen Pharmaceuticals PhD Studentship
    “Identification of novel biomarkers for disease progression in Alzheimer’s disease”
    Start Date: 2013, Duration: 48 months, Value: £131k
    Grant holders: Richard Dobson (joint PI), Simon Lovestone.
  • [19] Joint Clinical and Translational Science Initiative (CTSI) at the University of California San Francisco & NIHR BRC-MH
    “NIHR Biomedical Research Centre Infrastructure Award for USCF-KHP Data sharing programme”.
    Start date: 13/2/12, Duration: 12 months, Value: £120k
    Grant holders: Richard Dobson (Joint PI), Andy Simmons (Joint PI), Simon Lovestone
  • [20] GE
    “Identify blood based biomarkers for PET Amyloid change in MCI”
    Start date: TBC:, Duration: 12 months, Value: £130k
    Richard Dobson (PI), Abdul Hye –>
  • [21] KHP Challenge Fund
    “Preventing relapse using remote monitoring of sleep disturbance in schizophrenia.”
    Start date: 1/2/15, Duration: 12 months, Value: £100k
    Grant Holders: James MacCabe (PI), Richard Dobson, Nick Meyer, Amos Folarin, Philip McGuire
  • [22] BBSRC Case Studentship with Illumina Inc
    “Systems-biology based approaches for the identification of genes controlling complex phenotypic traits”
    Start Date: 2013, Duration: 48 months, Value: £90k
    Grant Holders: Richard Dobson (PI), Cathryn Lewis
  • [23] Alzheimer’s Society PhD Studentship
    “Creating an early diagnostic blood test for Alzheimer’s”
    Start date: 2013, Duration: 36 months, Value: £80k
    Grant Holders: Richard Dobson (PI), Steven Kiddle
  • [24] Joint NIHR Biomedical Research Centre Strategic Project Award
    “Genetic Causes of Neurodevelopmental Delay in Children: Translation and interpretation of novel pathogenic copy number variants and novel rare exonic mutations into clinical genetic practice”
    Start date: 1/1/10, Duration: 12 months, Value: £75k
    Grant holders: Dr Sarah Curran (PI), Richard Dobson, Deb Pal, Patrick Bolton, Paul Gringras, Caroline Ogilvie, David Collier, Simon Holden
  • [25] KBI Studentship
    “Integrated approaches to risk prediction in first-episode psychosis”
    Start date: 1/10/14, Duration: 36 months, Value: £75k
    Grant Holders: Richard Dobson (PI), Robin Muray, Stephen Newhouse
  • [26] Rosetrees Trust
    “A blood test for Alzheimer’s disease (Computational approaches to identify Alzheimer’s disease progression biomarkers and evaluate their performance)”
    Start date: 1/1/11, Duration: 24 months, Value: £49.5k
    Grant Holders: Angela Hodges, Simon Lovestone (PI), Richard Dobson
  • [27] Kings Health Partners
    “EPI-INFO: Developing an epilepsy patient database at King’s Health Partners for audit, service commissioning & development, and research”.
    Start date: Q3 2012, Duration: 12 months, Value: £50k
    Grant holders: Mark Richardson (PI), Richard Dobson, Deb Pal, Matthew Broadbent
  • [28] BRC EPI/Nucleus award
    “Investigating Adverse Effects of Psychiatric Drugs through Data-Mining of Electronic Health Records and Integration of Clinical and Genomic Data”
    Start date: Q3 2013, Duration: 12 months, Value: £50k
    Grant holders: Richard Dobson (PI), Rob Stewart, Caroline Johnston
  • [29] BRC EMCT Theme
    “Genome-wide expression change over the course of exposure-based psychological therapy”
    Start date: 1/1/2014, Duration: 3 months, Value: £24k
    Grant Holders: Prof Thalia Eley (PI), Dr Richard Dobson, Dr Gerome Breen, Dr Chloe Wong, Dr Kathryn Lester