CoViD ColLab

Welcome to the CoViD ColLab! This is a citizen science research project calling on the donation of data from you to help in the fight against Coronavirus-2 (CoViD-19). 

To do this we need Data only you can provide! 

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How can you help?

If you are an owner of a Fitbit Device and a Smartphone then you are eligible to help!

Some questions you’d be helping answer:

  • How social distancing measures affect the transmission rate (inside families and the general population) of the virus in normal the population?
  • What are the symptoms? Are there any early predictors of infection (e.g. heart rate, activity, respiration, sleep, loss of sense of smell)? And how reliable are these?
  • How contagious the virus is?
  • What factors affect how the CoViD-19 disease behaves? Are there any behavioural (e.g. fatigue) or physiological factors that determine progression or mild/moderate/severe outcomes?


Don’t own a Fitbit? You can still contribute by completing our questionnaires via the App or help us share this online (#covidcollab). It is essential we are able to study this as early as possible as want to study this before people get the virus.


How do you participate?

– Download our apps and donate a small amount of time in filling questionnaires


– Providing some phone data such as location (this is only used for our scientific work see our privacy policy and data use?

– If you have a Fitbit device then we’d like you to wear it and provide us with a feed of your heart rate, activity step count and sleep.


Further instructions