Around 300 delegates including researchers, clinicians, service users and members of the local community gathered yesterday for the NIHR Maudsley BRC’s Annual Conference 2019.

Our team members, Yamiko Msosa and Tao Wang attended this conference. Yamiko took some pictures from this conference and informing us that Tao won Chair’s Prizes for his poster presentation.

Professor Nick Hastie of Edinburgh University, who chairs the BRC’s External Scientific Advisory Board, concluded the day by describing the presentations he had heard as “humbling and inspiring” and praising the BRC’s engagement with patients and service users, as well as its commitment to innovation. “You should all feel good about yourselves,” he said.

During breaks, delegates had a chance to see 12 BRC-funded projects in action, and nearly 50 BRC-funded students and post-doctoral researchers presented their work as part of a poster competition. Winners of the competition were Rosa Cheesman, Ben Greer, Peter Hawkins, Bradley Jermy, Luke Jelen and Ilyas Sagar-Ouriaghli. Professor Hastie also gave chair’s prizes to Avina Hunjan, Barbara Santangelo and Tao Wang.

Read full report from NIHR Maudsley BRC’s website.

Photo credit: NIHR Maudsley BRC.

Source: CogStack website.

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