The Rosalind Research IT Service provides a bare-metal Beowulf High Performance Compute Cluster (~2K Haswell cores, 1.5K Ivy Bridge cores, 4 Tesla GPU nodes), connected by low-latency Infiniband networking and backed by ~ 0.9PB of performance Lustre filesystem to facilitate data-driven research. It also provides around 2PB of Ceph storage to enable researchers to manage large research datasets and an OpenStack private cloud environment to provide users with separate virtual environments in which they can build their own research tools and services. The system is run as a TrAC Research Facility, allowing KCL to recoup some of the running costs from users to help ensure the long-term sustainability of the service. It is hosted in the Janet shared data centre in Slough, co-located with a number of other large research computing environments, which we hope will help to improve knowledge transfer, data sharing and communication between research institutions across London.
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