NOTICE: From 15th June 2020 we will no longer be accepting new REDCap projects requests.

RedCap Projects are not a KCL wide service and are normally only issued to members of the IOPPN for research projects and trials. You can request access to RedCap Projects by filling in the RedCap Database Request Form below (if you can’t access it, please click here).

For more information please contact Bioinformatics team (

KCL REDCap Service

From Jan 2022 we recommend for new projects that you use the KCL Central REDCap service. This service is free for KCL REDCap projects and hosted on AIMES data centre, custom requirements for REDCap projects can be requested for KCL e.g. dedicated servers if required. Please follow the instructions below and complete the Salesforce form to submit a request. Note this service is not managed by PHI DATA LAB but KCL Central IT.

‘REDCap Onboarding Request’ Self-Service form:-https://kcl– 

Search for “REDCap Onboarding Request” form, and fill this to request a new REDCap Project or server.

KCL’s REDCap service provides:

  • Managed Backup and Restore service  Retention is 7 days, and restoration of any project is within 24 hours.
  • Cyber Security  REDCap uses your existing K number user name and password with Multifactor Authentication (Email or Google Authentication).
  • Platform Administration — Project administrators do not need to manage the REDCap platform nor the Server operating system either, only their respective Project/s on the REDCap shared platform itself.  The management of the REDCap platform and server operating system is taken care of by IT and our supplier AIMES.
  • Costs – The use of the REDCap shared platform is Free to use, and does not impact individual departmental budgets.
  • Migration — Migration of projects can be seamlessly managed by the Research Cloud services team.
  • REDCap Modules — Currently we have Google reCAPTCHA installed and available to use on surveys, improving the level of security.
  • Development Environment — Access to REDCap Development environment to test REDCap projects, surveys and additional modules.
  • Data Hosting — Data is hosted in an ISO 27001 data centre within the UK, with an offsite data backup copy hosted in the cloud.


For other enquiries email:




PHI DATA LAB REDCap project forms are here however this service is not presently receiving new projects.