The groups work has required the extensive use of computational approaches such machine learning methods and the creation of software tools as well as the construction and administration of high performance computing infrastructure which has been uniquely developed behind the NHS firewall.



The Rosalind Research IT Service provides a bare-metal Beowulf High Performance Compute Cluster (~2K Haswell cores, 1.5K Ivy Bridge cores, 4 Tesla GPU nodes), connected by low-latency Infiniband networking and backed by ~ 0.9PB of performance Lustre filesystem to facilitate data-driven research.

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NIHR Biomedical Rearch Centre for Mental Health (BRC-MH) Linux Cluster, located within the SLAM NHS Datacentre and behind the NHS firewall. Incorporated into the cluster are two HP C7000 enclosures, each containing 15 x HP BL460c G6 blades. Each blade is configured with 2 x 4-core Intel® Xeon® Processor X5550. Of the 30 blades, 15 blades contain 78 GB RAM and the remaining 15 blades contain 54 GB of RAM.

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Cerberus is a GPU box with 3x Titan X Pascal GPUs This is intended to be used for machine learning applications ongoing on the withing Kings College Hospital.

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Other Infrastructure tools and kit.

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