Dr Yamiko Msosa

Postdoctoral Research Systems Engineer

  • KCL Pure
  • Google Scholar


I am a digital health researcher with a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Cape Town. I have extensive technical and engineering management experience in the digital health landscape. My research interests are in the broader areas of software engineering, and in particular, model-driven engineering as it applies to health information systems engineering. I am particularly interested in how clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) can be formalized and supported in health information systems using model-driven engineering methods. I am currently focusing on interrogating digital health interventions as they apply to mental health. I am also interested in innovative approaches to indigenous knowledge documentation and preservation. I frame my research within limited-resource settings. I employ an experimental approach to computer science research that includes formal modelling, building and testing of computational artefacts.


Clinical Informatics; Electronic Health Records; Clinical Practice Guideline Formalization; Model-driven Engineering; Software Language Formalization.