Dr. Rebecca Bendayan has a first degree in Psychology, a Master Degree in Research in Health Psychology and a PhD in Psychology which examined the robustness of statistical procedures for the analysis of longitudinal data. Before joining KCL, she was based at the MRC Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing at UCL where her research focused on examining the relationship between health and cognitive change in ageing populations and improving methods for the analysis of longitudinal data. She has also been visiting scholar at the University of Manchester, University of California (Davis), University of Bristol and currently holds honorary positions at the University of Malaga and the Institute of Child Health at UCL.

Dr. Bendayan is currently leading a project which uses longitudinal clinical health records to address the challenge of multimorbidity in our health care system. She is particularly interested in understanding which health conditions are more likely to co-exist, how they develop over the life course and which are the best analytical approaches to capture these changes over time.


Longitudinal Data Analysis; Health Records; Multimorbidity; Cognitive Ageing.