Amos Folarin is the Senior Software Development Group Leader at King’s College London – National Institute for Health Research Maudsley Biomedical Research Centre (jointly funded NIHR BRC-MH and UCL IHI/UCLH BRC). His background is in biochemistry/molecular biology (Bristol). He moved into the computational biology field and has since worked as a data scientist/software developer over the last 16 years (Inpharmatica, Birkbeck, University College London, King’s College London South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust – KCL/SLaM). Amos joined the NIHR BRC-MH Bioinformatics group in 2012 as the Software Developer Group Lead with a goal of creating an embedded software development team to drive strategic projects for the BRC-MH and SLaM. Amos is currently working on developing the RADAR-base data collection platform for remote monitoring using wearable devices, mobile phone sensors, and mobile apps. Other projects of interest include monitoring seasonal infectious diseases, deep-learning image analysis pipelines for high-content screening.


Mobile Health (mHealth); clinical Informatics; bioinformatics and genetics.