We aim to transform healthcare through the provision of out-of-hospital visibility of patient status and the facilitation of community based care. Recently we have developed a programme of mHealth related studies around interventions using real-time monitoring of data collected from smartphones and wearable devices as well as development of a remote monitoring platform (RADAR-CNS) will be extended to other disease areas.



RADAR-CNS (Remote Assessment of Disease and Relapse – Central Nervous System) is a 5-year international research project examining the potential of wearable devices and smartphone technology to monitor and treat multiple sclerosis (MS), epilepsy and depression.

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NIHR Maudsley BRC have teamed up with Fitbit and The Center for Behavioural Technologies at Northwestern University to develop SleepSight, a wrist-worn sleep sensor and smartphone application to detect the early signs of relapse in people with schizophrenia living in their homes.

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