This interdisciplinary theme aims to improve health care by transforming the way we learn from and utilize healthcare data created at all levels of the patient journey ( including clinical records, linked data sets). The goal is to better understand the etiology and epidemiology of disease and provide better business intelligence tools, such as alerting systems which directly improve care of patients.



KConnect is developing sophisticated search and text analysis techniques to improve medical decision-making and care. The project involves researchers, commercial search experts and practitioners in health organisations from across Europe providing expertise in clinical health informatics.

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Groin Injectors

There is an increase in drug abusers resorting to injecting into the femoral artery (groin). Anecdotal evidence, found by Professor John Strang, has shown that those injectors who receive an ultrasound scan and are shown the image are more likely to stop injecting.

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Patient timeline is an app designed to facilitate efficient use of the electronic health records data. Rather than having to browse documents, this app allows users (clinicians) to search and filter them to get results almost instantly.

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Cogstack is an information retrieval and extraction platform which implements best-of-breed enterprise search, natural language processing, analytics and visualisation technologies to unlock the health record and assist in clinical decision making and research.

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