Our Team

My research is motivated towards enabling a “panor-omic” view of patients through the integration of genomics data with data derived from patient records, the exposome, social graphs, remote monitoring and imaging to develop strategies for P4 medicine, namely, medicine that is precise, predictive, preventative and participatory of patient datasets.

Richard Dobson

Head of Bioinformatics

Senior Staff

My background is in biochemistry/molecular biology (Bristol), and have since worked as a bioinformatician/software developer. I am currently working on developing the RADAR-CNS data collection platform. Other projects include monitoring seasonal infectious diseases & deep-learning image analysis pipelines for high-content screening.

Amos Folarin

Senior Software Development Group Leader
Research interests focus on addressing the disparity between the large body of theory in Artificial Intelligence and concrete translations into real-­world applications, specifically in Healthcare. I currently lead projects using novel computational methodologies to solve pressing issues in clinical care at SLaM.

Zina Ibrahim

Applied Intelligent Systems Lead
My expertise and Interests include translational bioinformatics, Applied Predictive Modelling & Machine Learning, Next Generation Sequence Analysis & Personalised Medicine, Drug repositioning, Biomarker discovery, Open Science, Data Science.

Stephen Newhouse

Senior Data Scientist group Leader
Please contact me for general group enquiries or CTI projects, or visit the CTI website.

Lucy O’Neill

Business Coordinator
My current research focus is on annotating, analysing and searching large scale healthcare data by utilising Knowledge Graph techniques.

Honghan Wu

Post-Doctoral Data Scientist


I am working on using Graph Theory as a framework to study EHR data. My background is Systems Biology and Pharmacology, most recently I obtained a PhD applying Systems Biology methods to understand the progression of neurodegenerative disease and developing Graph Theory software.

Daniel Bean

Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Bioinformatics
I am currently working on gene expression analysis (RNA-Seq) in the context of Alzheimer’s disease. My background is in Biology and Bioinformatics and I have worked with several types of ‘omics data, including microarrays and DNA-methylation data sourced from different animal models.

Guillermo Carbajosa Antona

Postdoctoral Research Worker
I am a Postdoctoral Researcher (Developer) in Bioinformatics working on an MNDA grant (Dobson/Al-Chalabi) to develop a high throughput gene, environment and epigenetics database and analysis system for international ALS research.

Alfredo Iacoangeli

Postdoctoral Researcher (Developer) in Bioinformatics
I specialise in scientific computing for research. My academic background in theoretical chemistry and computational biology integrated HPC, systems engineering, and DevOps skills. I’m responsible for the HPC & cloud platform underpinning much of the group’s research.

Ian Grant

Clinical Informatics Systems & Data Manager

Computer Scientist with keen interests in mHealth, mobile application development and streaming applications. I am currently working on developing the RADAR-CNS data collection platform.

Yatharth Ranjan

mHealth Theme Software Developer

Computer Scientist with keen interests in Healthcare and Accessibility research. My doctoral dissertation contributed towards the independent living of disabled people under the IoT paradigm. I am currently working on developing the RADAR-CNS data collection platform.

Zulqarnain Rashid

RADAR Software Developer

Background in Biomedical Science and Bioinformatics. Current research involves large scale omics data integration for biomarker discovery, drug repositioning and screening of new therapeutic targets.

Hamel Patel

Bioinformatics Research Worker & Part-time PhD Student
My background expertise is mostly focused on information systems and database design. My current research interests range from applying natural language processing techniques in the clinical domain to modelling clinical knowledge by using embedding approaches.

Hegler Tissot

Senior Research Fellow in Electronic Health Records Text Mining (UCL)
The main focus of my research focuses on using wearable devices to quantify symptomatic patient behaviours. This includes time series analysis, machine learning and app development.

Maximilian Kerz

BRC Software Developer

PhD Students

I have a background in Bioinformatics and Data Science, currently working on my PhD thesis based around mHealth & IoT datasets and how these can be used for research and clinical applications.

Callum Stewart

PhD Student

My background is in Biochemistry and Epidemiology. The focus of my PhD research is utilising cognitive assessments from electronic health records to explore biomarkers and risk factors for cognitive decline in dementia.

Elizabeth Baker

PhD Student
I have a background in bioinformatics, large-scale data curation, Natural Language Processing (NLP), database programming, algorithm, NET web based technologies, Python and IT infrastructure. My PhD is focused on investigating adverse effects of psychiatric drugs through data-mining of electronic health records.

Ehtesham Iqbal

PhD Student
I graduated with MRes degrees in Molecular Biophysics and Translational Medicine. For my PhD I am working on predicting Psychosis status by using a combination of Biological and Environmental factors. This primarily includes Transcriptomics, Biostatistics and Machine Learning algorithms.

Daniel Leirer

PhD Student
I’m interested in the relationship between sleep disruption and relapse in schizophrenia, and in using mobile and wearable technologies to capture these variables.

Nicholas Meyer

MRC Clinical Research Training Fellow; Specialist Registrar in Psychiatry