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BioDalliance Seminar

We’re happy to announce that February’s Biomedical Research Computing Forum will feature Thomas Down talking about the development of his BioDalliance Genome Browser.

Full details can be found on the event page

NIHR BRC-MH Bioinformatics Seminar series 2014 Starts Jan 28th

As part of the NIHR BRC-MH, the Bioinformatics core would like to invite you all to our series of exciting Seminars for 2014!

We will be kicking off the NIHR BRC-MH Bioinformatics Seminar series 2014 with two great talks from:-

Dr Vincent Plagnol: The type of variants that cause Mendelian disorders and an overview of the strategies to discover them; and Dr John Whittaker : Genetics in drug discovery

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Details at :


The Bioinformatics Team

January BRCF

We had a great Biomedical Research Computing Forum this month, with a couple of fantastic speakers giving us an overview of some enabling technologies for handling big/distributed data. Thanks to everyone who came along, I hope you all found it useful. If you’re not on the BRCF mailing list and you’d like to be, let me know

Both speakers have kindly agreed to allow us to share their slides:

Rhys Smith, an Identity, Access, and Middleware Specialist at Janet and Cardiff University, introduced the Moonshot project, whose goal is to bring federated identity to a broad range of commonly deployed services such as mail, file store, remote access and instant messaging.

Also, some relevant links from the discussion afterwards (if I’ve missed anything, please add to the comments):

The Software Sustainability Institute’s Research Software Engineer Workshop. I believe they’ve also got the domain for the nascent RSE community, but I don’t think there’s anything up there yet.

Genomics England and the UK 100K Genomes project.

Technology Strategy Board funding calls

Microsoft’s cloud platform – Azure.

Thomas Down’s BioDalliance Genome Browser

Finally, everyone who doesn’t work at Denmark Hill will be delighted to know that Tim Hubbard has offered to provide space for next month’s meeting in central London, so you won’t have to venture so far south of the river. I thought we could alternate between there and the IoP so everyone does their fair share of traipsing about London.


CohortExplorer provides a command line interface to explore clinical cohorts stored under Opal (OBiBa) ‘Opal SQL’ framework. It
offers the detailed exploration of entities and varibles. CohortExplorer can be used to explore both single and multiple visit

The BRC Bioresource

Want to know more about the BRC Bioresource? Take a look at this video made by Gerome Breen: